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Minecraft isn’t like other games. It’s a world of creativity that allows players young and old alike to explore vast worlds and create dreams to their heart’s content. The many servers in Minecraft are the living and breathing representations of this work. There are thousands of servers on Minecraft to choose from, so which ones should you explore?


There are some that have grown in popularity rapidly thanks to the incredible constructions that lie within them. These are the best Minecraft servers and these are the ones that we’re going to explore today. If you’re new to the game, then playing in the multiplayer servers can be a great way to share an experience with you friends or even meet new people and build with them.

In this post, we’ll go over the best Minecraft servers and why we think they’re awesome, but we’ll also cover how to join a server for you noobies, and we’ll go over how you can make your very own sever for others to play on and enjoy your dedicated creations.

How to join a Minecraft server

If you want to explore the best Minecraft servers, then it helps to know how to join one in the first place. Don’t worry, this is a very simple process that only takes a minute to figure out. To join a server on Minecraft, first find the one that you want to join, then copy the IP address of that server.

Minecraft Online

Now, start playing Minecraft and click on Multiplayer and then click on Add Server. Now simply enter in the IP address and click Done. You can choose a name for the server – it makes sense to call it the creator’s own name for convenience sake.

Next, go back to your server list and you’ll see the new server there. Click Join Server and you’ll be transported into a whole awesome world that has been created by someone of immense talent and kept going by the hundreds of unique people who visit it and add to its greatness.

Best Minecraft servers

Now that you know how to join a server, let’s take a look at some of our current favorites out there. These worlds were created by people of remarkable creativity and talent, and it’s worth always remembering the amount of effort that will have gone into making them. That only adds to the sheer awe that you’ll experience when gazing upon some of the masterful creations that will bestow you as you enter into these epic Minecraft servers.

Minecraft New


IP Address: /

Mineplex is the biggest ever Minecraft server that will be home to thousands of players at any given moment. If you’re looking for something epic that really stands out, then this is the place to be. What makes this server so cool is that it has different zones for different game modes – including Minekart (a Minecraft alternative to Mario Kart).

While the entries on this list will give you some awesome experiences to play through, this server actually provides most of them in one place. It’s a perfect place to begin your multiplayer Minecraft journey and it’s full of incredibly detailed creations that will leave you jaw-dropped.

Minecraft Download

Grand Theft Minecraft

IP Address:

If you’re fed up with GTA V, or you’re just not old enough to buy it for yourself and your parents aren’t coming around to the idea, then this is the ideal server for you. Grand Theft Minecraft combines the fun and action of Grand Theft Auto and the awesome blockiness of Minecraft to create a unique and compelling online gaming experience that you’ll love.

Fight with the police, take part in high-speed chases, get guns and waste other Minecraft players. It’s all action and no break here. This is one of the most fun Minecraft servers out there, so strap in and enjoy the ride. Try not to die.

Minecraft Play


IP Address: /

Originally a single-player mod called Pixelmon, the Pixelmoncraft server brings a Pokémon style multiplayer element to Minecraft. The server is actually two servers which bring the player to the Pokémon regions of Kanto and Johto for some blocky Nintendo-style fun.

Players can catch Pokémon and use them in battles against gym masters and mobs – or each other. True to tradition, try to avoid the long grass and make sure that you collect as many Pixelmon as you can!

This is a great server for anyone who likes Pokémon and it is obviously very popular with Minecraft players. If you’re looking for some nostalgic fun, then this is the place to be!

Minecraft To Play


IP Address:

Of all the servers out there, this one is arguably the most fun. Piratecraft takes sea warfare, theft, and parrots and brings it all to Minecraft for you to enjoy. The server is bathed in realism and you can engage in ship-to-ship combat on the open seas.

On land, you can build to your heart’s content on safe zones so that other players can’t wreck your achievements. This also means that you can store your booty there. Then you can go out, steal ships (or have yours stolen), and generally cause havoc. A pirate’s life for me!

How to build your own Minecraft server

To take things to the next level and build your own Minecraft server, simply download Java and the latest version of the Minecraft server software. Once you’ve got that, configure your server and your network and run the server.

Starting your own server takes a fair bit of effort and you will need to look into more than just reading the simple explanation that we’ve provided. You’ll need to know a fair bit about networks and computing, but if you’re up to the task, then it’s a great thing to do. Enjoy!

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