Things You Should Do In GTA V after the Main Story

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GTA V is a massive open world game with a lot of content under its belt. If you have already finished the storyline or if you are just bored and want to do something new, don’t worry because there are a lot of things that you can do in GTA V without having to getting any new content.

Go Sightseeing

This isn’t the most thrilling thing on the list but it is definitely something that you should consider doing. GTA V has some great graphics and if your PC can handle it you can crank it up to max settings and the world around you would just be amazing.Gta V

GTA V Los Santos is based on Los Angeles and there are a ton of different beautiful locations and sceneries that you can check out. It can actually be quite refreshing and relaxing to just sit there and appreciate the beauty of the game. You should definitely try this out.


Amusement Park Fun

You can also ride all the rides available in the game. You can ride 2 fairground rides in the fair found in the Del Perro Pier. These rides are the huge Ferris Whale and the crazy Leviathan rollercoaster.

Playing Gta V

The Ferris Whale costs $8 and takes around 5 minutes to make a full circle while the Leviathan costs $15 and takes around a minute to finish the ride. There were always a few rides you can ride in the older Grand Theft Auto games and GTA V isn’t going to be an exception.

Play some sports

There are a few sports that you can found in GTA V. You can play Tennis, Golf, Darts, or Triathlon. You can choose to play any of these and have a lot of fun playing the minigames. All of these minigames are scattered around the map of Los Santos, so there should be at least one near your location.

Gta V Los Santos

You can play golf by going to the Los Santos Golf Club and paying $100 for a round. It offers a great and challenging experience for a minigame. You can play Tennis at any time of the day as long as you are in one of the 8 Tennis court locations scattered around Los Santos. You can also get some rewards for winning a game of Tennis, so it’s a win-win scenario for you.  You can play Darts in the Yellow Jack Inn found in the Great Senora Desert. Darts will only become available after you complete the Crystal Maze mission though. There are 3 Triathlons you can join and participate in, and each Triathlon consists of Swimming, Cycling, and Running. The three Triathlons are The Vespucci Beach Triathlon, The Alamo Sea Triathlon, and The Coyote Cross Country Triathlon.

Be a Good Citizen

One of the main selling points of the whole Grand Theft Auto franchise is the ability to commit crimes and live a life of crime. You actually probably got he game because of the crime and violence. In all of the games you need to complete heists, kill people, and steal cars and other objectives. It’s a fun, thrilling, and exciting experience to do things that you are not able to do in the real world. However, you can try to bring the real world to the GTA world. Try to follow rules, don’t kill any people, follow traffic lights, and try not to get wanted by the police. It is a hard challenge, harder than you think. Try it out for yourself.

Ying GTA V is available to play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Sadly, it is currently not available for handheld devices yet but hopefully in the future it will be.

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